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Strategy starts with why! Because in order to know your strategy you have to know why you are the best choice for your clients, why they should pay you more over your competitors and many more 'whys'

Strategy Starts with WHY?

There are a plethora of questions that need to be asked and answered when crafting a strategic communications plan. How will we communicate? Who needs to receive our message? What should we say? Where should our messages live? Are we talking to the right people? How can we find the people who need our service/product/message?

Each of these questions require an answer, yet they are all driven by first understanding the answer to: Why?

Why does your company exist?
Why should a client choose you?
Why are you different?
Why are you better?
Why are you worth paying more for?

Asking these questions allows you to know the answers to your coporate 'why' - clearing the path to conversations about other questions.

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