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Too many times communication strategies are selected because someone thinks they need a …(insert communication tactic like press release, social media solution, event, blog, article).  Wouldn’t it be better for you – the asker – if those tactical decisions were linked directly to your business objectives?

That's where we play best. StratCommRx exists to diagnose and create strategic communication solutions that help you achieve your business objectives. And before you click away, yes, business objectives can be held by a business, an organization or even an individual. They help answer the “How?” and “What?” of what you do. StratCommRx can help you answer the "Why?"

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Developed copy and design elements to support existing communications...


Herndon Products

Developed brand platform and messaging strategy; refreshed logo and ...



Hosted strategy session to explore intent and core elements of the...



Conducted phone interviews with key corporate clients to explore...



Created discussion guide for internal focus groups; developed an internal ...


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RX on Presentation Skills - New
Rx on What To Wear
Rx on Branding Internally
Rx on the ABCs of Strategic Communications
Welcome to our Video Blog Series!

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